Areas of Practice

Document Preparation & Review

In Arizona, the law allows realtors to prepare purchase and listing contracts. However, when a non-attorney realtor drafts an Arizona real estate contract, things can and often will go wrong. When it comes to property contracts, one mistakenly placed word can significantly impact you and your transaction. It is critical to remember that real estate contracts are legally binding documents and when miswritten, can have serious, long-lasting implications. The bottom line is that Arizona real estate and contract law are extremely complicated areas, and you need the expertise of an experienced real estate attorney to protect your interest when buying, selling, or leasing Arizona property.

Transfer of Ownership

Whether you are a first-time homeowner or a seasoned investor, a buyer, or the CEO of a major corporation, avoiding Arizona transfer of ownership issues is going to be a major priority. This exchange is at the heart of any real estate transaction, and, not surprisingly, is one of the most common areas for buyers and sellers to encounter issues.


In a perfect world, every Arizona real estate transaction would go smoothly, with both sides walking away satisfied. In reality, even when you try to do everything right, property disputes can happen before, during, and after your deal is completed.


As an investor, deciding to buy or sell Arizona real estate is significant. One misguided decision could end up costing you dearly and negatively impact your livelihood. That is why it is essential to know your market and the potential issues which could come up during any Arizona commercial real estate transaction. Having the guidance and advice of an Arizona real estate attorney is critical to the success of your venture.

Distressed Properties

When your debt becomes unmanageable to the point that you can?t make regular mortgage payments, it can be overwhelming. The longer this goes on, the more your credit will be damaged, and before long, you could be facing foreclosure. You may also find that you are underwater, or living in a home that is worth far less than you owe, with no way to get out of spiraling debt. Even though it may seem hopeless, there are solutions which can help you manage your situation and move forward with your life.


Landlord/Tenant issues and disputes have the potential to become extremely complicated and adversarial, and it is vital to manage problems as soon as possible. At the Law Office of Laura B. Bramnick, we understand the importance of anticipating issues before they become landlord/tenant disputes.


When your debt is out of control, it can feel like you are buried under mounting bills with no way out. It?s stressful and overwhelming, and you can end up spending most of your time worrying about the future and avoiding debt-collectors. While it may seem like you should give up, now is the time to take action.