Real Estate Dispute Mediation

In a perfect world, every Arizona real estate transaction would go smoothly, with both sides walking away satisfied. In reality, even when you try to do everything right, property disputes can happen before, during, and after your deal is completed.

  • You may have bought a home only to find that the seller failed to disclose significant property defects or damage.
  • One or both sides may contend that the other has breached their commercial lease. A tenant could believe their landlord is liable for an unsafe condition in their home.
  • Your HOA may be fining you unfairly.

What is Real Estate Mediation?

All of these situations could end up in a courtroom with both sides spending thousands of dollars and months, or even years, fighting over their disputes. The good news is that by going to mediation, you may be able to resolve your Arizona real estate dispute in a fraction of the time and with much less expense than a lawsuit. Mediation involves both parties explaining their side of the story to a neutral third-party who will work to help them reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Why You Need an Attorney to Mediate

Although this is a less adversarial way to handle your problem, you will be at a significant disadvantage without an experienced Arizona real estate attorney to advise you during the process. You cannot reach a fair agreement without a full understanding of the law and what a court is likely to do in your situation. Additionally, being ready to mediate often requires the same level of preparation and skill needed to take the matter to trial. Your attorney will be able to help you evaluate the options so you can make informed choices regarding your case.

At the Law Office of Laura B. Bramnick, we have experience advocating for our clients during Arizona real estate transaction disagreements both inside the courtroom and in mediation. We are prepared to negotiate the best terms possible for you in mediation. With over 30 years of experience in real estate legal practice, our office not only knows the law but has seen every situation imaginable when it comes to Arizona property. We can help guide you through the process and provide you with the advice you need to mediate your dispute successfully.