There is a New Lagoon Park Coming to Glendale

There is a New Lagoon Park Coming to Glendale

In February of 2023, Glendale, Arizona, will host one of the country’s biggest national games?The NFL Super Bowl. Two years ago, when the NFL announced that Super Bowl LVII would be held in Glendale?s State Farm Stadium, plans immediately got underway for the city to host the big game. As it turns out, Glendale may be getting a new resort and waterpark close to the same time as the 2023 Super Bowl. Here is more on the new lagoon park coming to Glendale:

According to a recent report, Glendale?s City Council has voted to approve the Crystal Lagoons, Island Resort Project. The new resort will be located at the southeast corner of Cardinals Way and Loop 101 near the Westgate Entertainment District. Plans for Crystal Lagoons include an 11-acre water park and a 630-room hotel. Visitors will be able to use scuba gear, boogie boards, and paddleboards in the water area. There will also be amusement park rides, an aerial food and drink area, a 4D theatre, and a helium balloon that will take passengers almost 400 feet in the air for breathtaking views of the Valley.? In addition, the property will have office spaces, retail stores, bars, and restaurants.

The developer is ECL Glendale, and the company behind the water park is Chilean-based Crystal Lagoons. Crystal Lagoons? has other water park locations in France, Brazil, Dubai, Egypt, Japan, and Chile. Most of the company’s U.S. properties are located inside master-planned communities. The Glendale development represents the first U.S. project of this scale for the company.

Glendale City Manager Kevin Phelps commented, ?We?re excited for this project on many fronts, but two really stand out. Not only will this be a great example of experiential retail, which is the only area of growth in brick & mortar development over the past ten years, but this project further cements Westgate as the largest Sports and Entertainment District in Arizona.? Phelps also states, “It really sets us up for being the city of mega-events.” He also sees the new development as a positive addition for popular sporting events such as the NCAA Final Four and the Super Bowl.

The project is reportedly expected to bring 1800 new jobs to Glendale and generate $700.8 million in property, new sales, and tax revenues for the county, city, and state over the next 25 years. It’s estimated that Glendale’s portion of the revenues will be approximately $240.5 million.

The City Council recently approved two other projects that will bring new retail and housing development into the area. One project is planned for 91st Ave. and Orangewood Ave. and will involve building almost 200 bungalow-style rentals.? The other, at 91st and Glendale Ave., will include a new Starbuck’s, Honey Go Nail’s, and a Raising Cains restaurant.

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