Arizona Ranked as One of the 100 Best Places to Live: Where Should I buy?

Arizona Ranked as One of the 100 Best Places to Live Where Should I buy

The secret about Arizona being a great place to live is out.? With its booming economy, Phoenix is considered a top location, and places such as Tempe, Mesa, Tucson are on the rise.? Knowing the positive features of Arizona cities is one thing, but deciding where to live or invest is another.? Recently reported to be ranked one of the 100 best places to live, where should you buy in Arizona? With so many appealing options, it is difficult to name every place worth considering.? However, here are a few Arizona cities you may want to think about for your new home or investment property.

Phoenix Rising

If you have been watching the Arizona real estate market with any interest, you have probably noticed that Phoenix has become one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. ?With its robust economy, proximity to outdoor recreational destinations, and lively culture, Phoenix and close by Scottsdale have a lot to offer.? This city also boasts the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Arizona Cardinals as well as 5 Fortune 500 companies.

Suburbs of Phoenix

For retirees and new families, living outside of Phoenix can be an affordable housing solution.? For those who want to buy property close to Phoenix but at a lower price than the metro area, nearby Chandler, Buckeye, Peoria, and Goodyear offer safe communities with good schools and reasonable access for commuting.


Tempe is another close neighbor to Phoenix but with a much lower population.? This once quiet college and retiree community has become a beacon for millennials and has been nationally ranked as one of the top 20 cities for people in their 20?s and 30?s.? The median rent is far lower in Tempe than Phoenix.? It is also centrally located 20 minutes from both downtown Phoenix and Old Town Scottsdale, with light rail access, restaurant culture and a vibrant nightlife.


In the last two years, this former sleepy college town has seen significant economic growth, and several major corporations have located or have plans to locate there in the near future.? Further, there is an emerging tech market and two major universities. ??Tucson is also home to Davis-Monthan Airforce Base.? Many real estate investors have their eye on this community and are expecting Tucson to continue its upward trajectory.

Attorney Laura B. Bramnick is an Arizona real estate attorney with the expertise to evaluate your situation and help you identify the right properties and locations for you.? We are here to guide you and protect your interests through every stage of your journey.? If you are seeking an exceptional, client-driven real estate lawyer and agent in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Sedona and throughout the state of Arizona, contact Laura B. Bramnick to schedule your consultation.







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