Good Earth Power Acquires Industrial Property Near Flagstaff

Good Earth Power acquires industrial property Near Flagstaff

Arizona?s leading forest products company, Good Earth Power AZ, and its operating entity, NewLife Forest Products, has acquired a large-scale industrial manufacturing facility near Flagstaff. The new property is located at 14005 West Old Highway 66 in Bellemont, Ariz. According to a recent report, Good Earth Power AZ made the acquisition to bolster the region?s efforts to reduce catastrophic wildfires. Here is more on Good Earth Power?s recent industrial property acquisition near Flagstaff:

Phase 1 4FRI

Arizona forests have reportedly overgrown with ?upwards of 20 times more wood fiber per acre than normal.? This overgrowth has led to catastrophic wildfires in the state, including two devastating fires in recent years that each destroyed a half-million acres. According to its website, 4FRI is a 20-year initiative by groups and individuals, members of local, county, and state governments, environmental groups, organizations, institutions, and industry representatives to restore northern Arizona?s ponderosa pine forests at the landscape, thereby reducing the risk of wildfire. Good Earth Power AZ is managing the Phase 1 4FRI contract with the United Stated States Forestry Service (USFS). According to the USFS website, the 4FRI Phase 1 Stewardship Contract, held by Good Earth Power AZ, will involve thinning of approximately 300,000 acres over the course of 10 years.

The New Sawmill Facility

Good Earth Power has acquired an industrial property that was originally built in 1996 as a tissue paper manufacturing facility. The 425,000-square-feet factory is on 35 acres and will house a new high-production sawmill. Good Earth reportedly plans to hire approximately 200 people from the local area, including Williams and Flagstaff, to work at the new mill. The sawmill facility is expected to be operational in late March.

According to a recent article, the new facility ?will produce 120 million board feet per year of lumber in addition to engineered wood products, substantially increasing the regional log processing capacity necessary to restore the health of 2.4 million acres of Arizona forest land in collaboration with the US Forest Service (USFS) under the Four Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI).?

Plans for the new sawmill include running multiple lines for processing timber that are capable of handling any size logs efficiently. The mill will produce a wide array of products ranging from lumber to engineered wood products and bagged residuals. NewLife will reportedly also be able to use the new facility to process smaller fiber and ?ramp-up to forest thinning and harvesting 30,000 acres per year.?

NewLife Forest Products CEO Ted Dergousoff commented that ?This is the most exciting and important project I have been involved with in my 40-year career in the forest products industry,? said. Dergousoff also said, “This facility allows us to leapfrog in our scale as a company and as a vital local industry. We have invested millions of dollars to retool the existing plant, which will allow us to work with our partners to process the mixed inventory of diameter trees and log sizes that the forest gives us. The Bellemont sawmill will play a key role for keeping Coconino County protected from a catastrophic wildfire event.”

Jason Rosamond, Chairman, and Founder of NewLife Forest Products, commented that ?This facility helps Good Earth Power AZ to deliver on its vision for a sustainable model for forest management, without government subsidy. ?Rosamond also said the company looks ? forward to creating jobs through this incredible new facility that will breathe life into the Arizona forest products industry.?

According to a recent article, Good Earth Power AZ has formed a consortium with TriStar Logging and Novo Star Wood Products to expand the forest restoration efforts’ scope under Phase 2 of 4FRI. Allen Reidhead of Tristar Logging said, “Arizona’s loggers have a rich history of taking care of our forests, and we are united in working together with NewLife Forest Products to get the job done.? Reidhead also commented that ?We believe our harvesting experience and facilities on the east side of the forest really complement NewLife?s growing capabilities in manufacturing and remanufacturing on the west side.?

The Bellemont facility will house kilns, a planer mill, and engineered wood product lines with storage space in addition to the sawmill. Good Earth Power AZ also has plans to build a rail spur to facilitate the cost-effective distribution of high-value products throughout North America and the world.

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