How to Pick a Reputable Real Estate Professional


If you don’t have a real estate agent and attorney, finding these professionals can be a daunting task. You may get several recommendations and later find out that your ?referrals? were only friends of friends. You might also find the individuals to be charming, but not experienced in real estate. Deciding whom to work with during your real estate transaction is a critical decision. These professionals are going to be involved in your life and finances, and you need to have confidence in their abilities. Here are some ideas on how to pick a reputable real estate professional:

Start with Word of Mouth, but Consider the Source

Asking friends and family with whom they have had a positive experience can be an excellent place to begin when looking for a real estate professional. That being said, it’s always a good idea to consider your source. For instance, if you ask a friend who is apt to refer someone because they ?seem nice,? that is not the referral you need. Likewise, when someone recommends a real estate agent or an attorney because their friend used them, its best to be wary. You want someone who has had direct dealings with these individuals to give you an account of their experience. What was good? What did they like about the person? Was there anything that could have been done better? Would they use this person again for their next real estate transaction?

Professional Associations

In Arizona, the Arizona Association of Realtors is a professional organization of licensed realtors in the state. Members of this group adhere to a strict code of ethics and professionalism. They also stay current on new developments in the industry. The majority of the state?s real estate agents use information and documents provided by this group in their practice.

Your Arizona real estate attorney should be licensed by the state bar of Arizona and knowledgeable in this area. Using an attorney that is merely licensed to practice law but does not know Arizona real estate law could be disastrous. Arizona property laws are precise, and you need an attorney who is experienced with and understands how they apply to your transaction.

Experience with Arizona Real Estate

Both your Arizona realtor and real estate attorney should have extensive experience with Arizona real estate. Although someone may be a licensed agent or attorney, without years of knowledge and expertise in the subject matter, they will not be helpful to you during your transaction.

Commitment to Arizona Real Estate

You want to work with someone who is devoted to real estate. Otherwise, you may not have all of the information you need during this important process. For example, someone who does real estate as a sideline, may not be aware of significant developments or off-market listings. Additionally, part-time realtors may have other commitments that interfere with their ability to be there for you during time-sensitive aspects of the process.

When working with an attorney, you need counsel who is keeping pace with Arizona property laws and any new case law developments that may impact you and your transaction. A lawyer that occasionally dabbles in real estate law is not likely to be fully aware of the complexities involved in an Arizona real estate transaction.

Laura B. Bramnick is an Arizona real estate attorney with the knowledge and experience to protect your interests during every stage of your real estate matter. If you are seeking an exceptional, client-driven real estate lawyer in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Sedona, and throughout the State of Arizona, contact Laura B. Bramnick to schedule your consultation.

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