Is a New Development Coming to a Town Just Outside the Grand Canyon?s Outer Rim?

Is a New Development Coming to a Town Just Outside the Grand Canyon?s Outer Rim

Each year, millions of visitors come to experience the majestic natural splendor of Grand Canyon National Park. On their way to see one of the seven natural wonders of the world, many travelers pass through Tusayan, Arizona. This small town sits just outside the canyon?s south rim and has a population of around 600. Tusayan?s economy largely depends on the tourist traffic headed to the national park. Recently, an Italian real estate company with a longstanding interest in the town moved forward with a plan for a possible future project. Is a new development coming to a town just outside the Grand Canyon?s outer rim?

Past Plans for Tusayan

According to a recent report, Italian real estate company Stilo Development Group USA has been interested in Tusayan for quite some time. The developer wants to build hundreds of homes in the community as well as hotels, a commercial use area, and a cultural center.

Four years ago, Stilo proposed an access easement through the Kaibab National Forest to get to private tracts of land. Although the Tusayan Town Council supported the plan, Kaibab National Forest rejected the proposal. At the time, Forest Supervisor Heather Provencio said that the development would ?substantially and adversely? affect nearby tribal lands the Grand Canyon.

Stilo Reimagines its Easement

Stilo rewrote its proposal and promised to make numerous changes to improve its plan. Specifically, the developer said it would realign roads, decrease the density, and adapt its groundwater usage for commercial spaces. Stilo indicated that it plans to truck water in for its commercial development. This time, Provencio requested more information on the groundwater changes but agreed to move Stilo?s application along in the process. She informed the developer and the town that ?These concerns, along with any others identified, will need to be addressed in detail during the evaluation of your application.? The next step is for the U.S. Forest Service to conduct an environmental analysis.

Currently, the Tusayan Town Council is in the process of drafting a response to Stilo?s development application and gathering community input. Stilo donated 20 acres of land to Tusayan in exchange for annexing its properties. However, the town won?t be able to use the property unless the Forest Service agrees to the easement.

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