The Best Places for Phoenix-Area First-Time Home Buyers

The Best Places for Phoenix-Area First-Time Home Buyers

It’s no secret that Maricopa County is one of the fastest growing areas in the southwest United States.? Mild winters and employment opportunities have made this one of the hottest locations to buy in 2019.? If you are considering purchasing your first home in this desirable real estate market, it’s essential to know which areas are best for your situation.? Here are some of the best places for Phoenix-area first-time home buyers to consider making this investment:

Determine Your Budget and the Key Features Which Matter the Most

While the old saying that real estate is about ?location, location, location? holds true in many circumstances, there are also equally important factors such as how much you can afford and neighborhood specifics.? Clarifying your budget and identifying what matters in potential Phoenix neighborhoods is a critical and necessary first step in the home buying process.

Prices Have Increased but There are Still Affordable Options

If you have been shopping for a home lately, you have probably found that metro Phoenix home prices have risen considerably.? For some first-time home buyers, these prices may seem cost prohibitive. However, finding an affordable home in this market is all about knowing where to look.? Fortunately, there are still many reasonably-priced options for first-time buyers.

The West

West Phoenix is an area that has seen upward progress in recent years.? Grand Canyon University is located here, and its growth and recruiting efforts continue to attract students and young families.? Home values have gone up considerably since 2011, but first-time home buyers may find this to be one of the most affordable neighborhoods in the valley.

Downtown Mesa

Downtown Mesa is another up and coming area which is in close proximity to central Phoenix.? With Benedictine University?s new facilities and ASU?s plans to open a digital-innovation focused campus in Mesa?s city center, this market is in a great position to reap the benefits of the surrounding area?s growth. ?There is also the light rail, and an increasing number of upscale eateries in this community, making it a popular spot for social events.? The median home prices have shown modest increases but remain low enough for first-time homebuyers to afford.

South Phoenix

This central valley area has been making a comeback, and according to recent reports, sales in zip code 85040 rose 37% throughout 2018.? This area offers lower home prices than metro Phoenix, and there are several gated and golfing communities ideal for those making their first housing investment.? Additionally, its proximity to South Mountain makes the area appealing to those interested in outdoor activities.

Melrose Woodlea

Several midtown neighborhoods have housing opportunities far below the price of their uptown neighbors.? Buying property in close proximity to higher-end communities such as Encanto and Willo, could mean grabbing home that needs some improvement, but with the same area benefits.? With Central Park mall getting a makeover, this neighborhood is likely to continue improving, and may be a good place to get started with home ownership.

Suburban Phoenix

Suburban communities may provide options for buyers who want a little more bang for their buck in terms of property size and amenities.? Although the trade-off is living further away from Phoenix, communities such as Glendale, Anthem, Gilbert, and Chandler may suit the needs of first-time homebuyers looking to live close to the city.

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