The Latest Commercial Growth in Glendale

he Latest Commercial Growth in Glendale

Glendale Arizona has long been a favorite home for sport?s fans, university attendees and faculty of the west campus of Arizona State University, Midwestern University, Glendale Community College, and others. However, like the rest of Maricopa County, the town has seen significant recent developments in its real estate markets and business sectors. Here is some of the latest commercial growth in Glendale:

Glendale?s Health-Conscious Restaurant Scene is on the Rise

According to Travel and Leisure Magazine , when the 100 largest US cities were ranked on four of the most common New Year’s resolutions, Glendale came in 12th for healthy eating. Glendale is seeing new restaurants opening in the area that support this lifestyle. For instance, just last year, New York Times Bestselling Author & Executive Chef, Jason Wyrick opened Casa Terra, Glendale?s first and only plant-based fine-dining restaurant to raving reviews. Citizens can also enjoy a meal at Picazzo?s Healthy Italian Kitchen. This Italian eatery offers patrons a way to enjoy their favorite foods while being mindful of nutrition and gluten allergies. Additionally, Phoenix Phresh Caf? serves acai and pitaya bowls, smoothies, juice, and more for health-conscious Glendale residents. These are just a few of the healthy dining options that are now available for the people of Glendale.

More Developments in ?The New Frontier?

Recently, Mark Anthony Brewing announced its intention to set up operations inside Glendale?s ?New Frontier? at Loop 303. The company?s plans include building a ?state-of-the-art? brewery and ?BrewPure facility.? The beverage maker anticipates investing more than $250 million in the facility to produce popular products like White Claw Hard Seltzer, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Mike’s Harder Lemonade, and Cayman Jack Cocktails. Additionally, it?s expected that there will be more than 200 full-time jobs created by this project. This recent development is just one of the exciting industrial undertakings in the Glendale area.

Loop 303 Continues to Be the Big News in Glendale

As industrial expansion continues along Loop 303, and corporations announce development plans and begin construction, jobs are coming into the Glendale area. The community?s real estate market is growing, and with the anticipated increase in population, the city continues its attempt to annex surrounding lands into its limits. Commercial development is likely to continue in this area to meet the needs of the community and its new business interests.

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