The Latest Trends in Health and Wellness in Real Estate

The Latest Trends in Health and Wellness in Real Estate

The COVID-19 pandemic brought many abrupt changes to everyday life. Everything from where we work, exercise and relax shifted from public spheres to private. With many people working remotely and remaining in more, it?s become increasingly commonplace for homeowners to adapt their living spaces to suit their lifestyle needs. Some of these owners have started incorporating features into their properties that support their overall emotional and physical well-being. Here are some of the latest trends in health and wellness in real estate.

Defining Health and Wellness

According to a recent Mansion Global article, wellness real estate has grown into a 134 billion dollar industry worldwide. Different amenities and features appeal to owners and buyers. Depending on your tastes and preferences, the costs can range from affordable to expensive.

“Health and Wellness” can mean different things to different people. Some design and planning experts break wellness real estate down into categories: 1) physical health, 2) psychological health, and 3) relaxation. One homeowner may place more value on one form of well-being than another. For example, you may believe that having a home fitness studio with cardio equipment is of the utmost importance. By contrast, another owner could place equal importance on having a quiet mediation space. Still, others may need to know their environment is free of toxins. Whatever the case may be, there is a wellness real estate option for everyone.

Here are some of the more popular health and wellness trends in real estate for 2021:

Air, Water, and Light

Due to the ongoing continuing health concerns of the pandemic, what we breathe, drink, and touch have become of critical importance. For that reason, top-of-the-line air filtration and water purification systems that remove toxins, allergens, and pollutants are incredibly popular with today?s health-conscious homeowners. There are also kitchen counter and flooring surfaces that claim they can help eliminate bacteria. State-of-the-art windows that seal out external air and block UV rays are also popular with some buyers.

With all of us working and being online for work and school, it can be more challenging for our brains to turn off and unwind. This is because all of the added screen time can interfere with our natural circadian rhythms. One solution is to use natural light systems to regain balance. These systems produce light within your home in the morning to encourage energy and emit melatonin-enhancing light at night to promote sleep. These and other automated ?smart? products that make it less necessary to touch surfaces within the home have become increasingly popular.

Mind and Body

Since the pandemic, many homeowners have opted to create spaces within their homes for their psychological and physical fitness needs. These areas range from outdoor Zen-style mediation gardens to traditional in-door fitness studios. Yoga aficionados have converted rooms into restorative spaces. A dedicated meditation practitioner may want to spend time in a specialized room.

Avid gymgoers have opted to install in-home equipment cardio and set up weight workout stations. Whether it?s a spin bike, treadmill, or elliptical, having a dedicated area for cardio and weight work can be a great benefit to someone who is missing their gym. These areas can also be ideal for participating in remote health and wellness programs.

Some homeowners have installed infrared saunas with added luxury features like vitamin C-infused showers. Depending on your budget, the list of real estate upgrades could potentially be endless. The idea is to find ways to exercise self-care in your home in a way that fits your lifestyle and your pocketbook.

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