The Properties Scottsdale Investors Want

The Properties Scottsdale Investors Want

Maricopa County was recently reported to be the fastest-gowning county in the nation. Suburban Scottsdale is one of the area?s most sought-after communities for real estate investment. With its excellent schools, luxury accommodations, and unparalleled community amenities, it?s easy to understand why both discerning homebuyers and savvy investors want property in this upscale town. If you are looking to get to invest in this area, here are some of the properties that Scottsdale investors want:

Luxury Properties

With the recent changes to the Salt Tax in the US Tax Code, many wealthier individuals are leaving high-tax states in favor of friendlier economic climates. Many of these transplants are opting for Arizona?s beneficial tax system, mild winters, and exclusive multi-million-dollar properties. Investors are buying luxury properties in lovely Scottsdale to meet the demand. The luxury market moves more slowly, and, under the right conditions, an adept investor could acquire a vast estate or mansion, make updates, and re-sell at a significant profit. The gated communities of Scottsdale have numerous properties that appeal to today?s investor. There are also undeveloped lots for the investor looking to build.

Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities

Although Arizona is seeing an influx of residents from all age groups, Scottsdale also remains a favorite of the wealthy retiree set. With beautiful homes, world-class golfing, and the best in fine dining, shopping, and entertainment, it?s understandable why so many people want to enjoy their golden years in this community.

As this group ages, some will need to transition into accommodations that offer assisted living and skilled nursing services. This type of care may be provided in a commercial building or a residential home that has been converted for these purposes. The demand for these facilities remains high, and many investors are seeking opportunities to buy existing business properties or purchase homes that can be renovated into professional care environments.

Residential Homes

Scottsdale is home to a mix of single individuals, families, and retirees. Due to the housing shortage in the area, this Phoenix suburb is feeling the same effect as many other communities. It remains a sellers? market, and properties here are a hot commodity. According to, Scottsdale is predicted to be a top market in 2020. ?Currently, multi-family homes are in high demand, and investors have to be competitive to outbid other buyers. Both the North and South Scottsdale neighborhoods are reported to be investor favorites, and this community is also popular with investors looking to establish vacation rental properties.

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