The Right Ways to Protect Your Arizona Property from Flooding

The Right Ways to Protect Your Arizona Property from Flooding

The recent monsoon season?s storms brought heavy rain and flooding to the East Phoenix area. News footage showed dramatic water rescues of people stranded in their vehicles by rising floodwaters and of the damage to homes.? Now, many homeowners are looking into defensive measures for the future.? However, there are right ways and wrong ways to go about safeguarding your home from the weather. Knowing the right ways to protect your Arizona property from flooding can shield you from costly damages

Do Your Research

One mistake a homeowner can make is taking matters into their own hands without getting all the information they need beforehand. This may include doing something like going to a local home improvement store and buying sandbags and strategically placing them in areas he or she believes to be beneficial. In doing so, the homeowner may unintentionally divert waters to the wrong places on their land or to their neighbors’ property. Without knowing how porous the soil may be, the gradation of the landscaping, and the ideal methods for redirecting water, do-it-yourself remediation attempts can have disastrous consequences. Before starting any projects, consult with water and landscaping professionals who can tell you the steps to take to safely protect your home during flooding.

There Can Be Legal Consequences

As the recent weather has demonstrated, the Arizona monsoon season can be destructive, and the land?s arid conditions make it a prime region for flash flooding. Weather moves quickly and storms can cause momentous damage in very little time. If you have taken flood prevention into your own hands and your efforts harm another?s home or property, you could be facing legal consequences. These problems could even extend to entire neighborhoods or result in conflicts with municipalities.

Talk to an Arizona Real Estate Attorney

The laws pertaining to Arizona property and water are complicated and often involve municipal codes as well as state statutes.? You need the advice of someone who can not only inform you about the applicable laws but who can also explain their practical implications. By consulting with an experienced Arizona real estate attorney, you can obtain the guidance you need to avoid unnecessary issues as you protect your home and interest.

Laura B. Bramnick is an experienced Arizona real estate attorney who can help you examine the best ways to protect your home from flooding while working within Arizona property laws. If you are seeking an exceptional, client-driven real estate lawyer in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Sedona, and throughout the State of Arizona, contact Laura B. Bramnick to schedule your consultation.



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