Ways to Improve and Protect Your Arizona Landscaping this Summer


Spring is here, and it’s an excellent time to assess your lawn and garden and decide whether you need to make changes. This is also a good time to think about getting ready for the hotter months. By preparing now, you can help ensure that you can enjoy your property and that it will be ready for warmer weather conditions. Here are some ways to improve and protect your Arizona landscaping this summer:

Planning for Your Outdoor Project

With many of us working at home and staying in these days, lawn and garden projects have become a popular hobby. Whether it’s clearing out old flower beds, or completely redesigning a space, there are several ways to improve your outdoor landscape project before the summer months.

To get ready, you will want to begin by clearing out any dried out or unwanted growth. Once everything has been stripped away, you will have more of a blank canvas. Next, consider the purpose of your garden improvements. Do you want to create more shade? Are you interested in using fewer water-consuming plants? Is there a specific design aesthetic you are trying to achieve? Have you seen a particular look in a magazine or in your community that appeals to you? As you consider your goals, take notes so that you can do further research.

Consider Your Microclimate      

Another factor to consider is that each area of the state has unique climates. Meaning that your community has its own temperature variations, soil compositions, sun exposure, wind variables, and other specific factors. Additionally, there are also microclimates, so during winter, previously dry spots can become shaded and moist. Through careful planting, you can prepare for these changes. For instance, planting a native deciduous tree can provide shade in the summer and then light and air in the colder months after the tree sheds its leaves. If you need to shield your home from Arizona’s high winds, planting shrubs and evergreens can help create a natural barrier. Planting for your conditions can help protect your home throughout the seasons.

Go Native if Possible

When planning your garden and landscape, it would be best to focus on using native plants, trees, and shrubs whenever possible. You can mix in some outside elements, but the cacti and other vegetation that is known throughout Arizona is going to do best in its conditions. If you bring in the wrong plantings, you could end up spending a fortune on fertilizer and water, struggling to keep them alive. By contrast, native plants, grasses, trees, and shrubs are heartier and can withstand Arizona’s intense summers and low water conditions.

Consider Xeriscaping

If water conservation is a concern in your area, you may want to consider xeriscaping with decorative rocks and succulents. You would not necessarily have to sacrifice vibrant annuals, and perennial color as these flowers could remain as part of your landscape in decorative planters. There are several ways to combine colorful flowers and plants into a beautiful and creative xeriscape design while conserving water.

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