What Can I do About a Bad Realtor?

What can I do About a Bad Realtor

When you are working with a real estate agent to help you sell or purchase a home, you trust your realtor to be competent, to be professional, to look out for your best interests, and to perform his or her work ethically.? While everything may start out fine, things may happen along the way that cause you to question your realtor’s judgment. You may even become so concerned that you feel you have to abruptly terminate your relationship in order to protect your financial well-being.? After the real estate transaction is over, you may believe your agent’s poor performance cost you money or caused you to miss crucial opportunities.? In this situation, you will probably want to know: What can I do about a bad realtor?

Determine the Type of Infraction

Legal and Rule Violations

  • Arizona realtors are regulated by the Arizona Department of Real Estate. This agency is allowed to investigate violations of Arizona real estate law and the Real Estate Commissioner’s Rules. According to the Department, most of their investigations concern complaints about the following:
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duties
  • Dishonest Dealings
  • Disclosure Issues
  • Unlicensed Activity
  • Other Statute and Rule Violations

After performing an investigation, the agency can take action against culpable real estate agents. However, the agency?s investigation and resulting penalties only apply to statutory and rule infractions. The agency does not investigate ethical violations as they do not fall under its authority.

Ethical Violations

  • If you believe your realtor was unethical but did not technically violate any statutes or rules, then you could seek to resolve your dispute with the Arizona Association of Realtors. The Arizona Association of Realtors adheres to a strict Code of Ethics outlined by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and offers dispute resolution processes including: use of an ombudsman, mediation, buyer and seller resolution, and arbitration. These resources are in place to assist consumers in resolving issues with their realtors and can be highly beneficial when there is a problem.

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