Where Tempe Arizona is Going with its Community and Real Estate


Home to Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, has long been known for its college community charm. However, this once quiet town has undergone some changes in recent years, bringing it into focus as a leader in sustainability, innovation, and business. Here is more about where Tempe, Arizona, is going with its community and real estate:

Tempe Town Lake

Over the last twenty years, investors have spent approximately 1.2 million dollars investing commercial and residential dollars in Tempe Town Lake. These efforts have paid off, as this commitment has brought a reported 40,000 jobs into the area. Further, the more than two-mile-long waterway is Arizona’s second most visited public attraction. The lake is situated in the heart of the city. It is a popular spot for biking, hiking, jogging, and electric and wind boating.

Sustainable Living

With a current population of about 180,000 residents and a median age of 28, Tempe is focused on sustainability. Over the years, the community has made strides in its commercial and residential real estate development. Further, Tempe leaders have made concerted efforts to create an infrastructure that will support a better quality of life for its residents and promote long-term growth. Tempe has been on the Smart Cities Coalition for two years, has a sustainability director and a formal climate action plan. With easy light rail access situated close to the lake and downtown, and a streetcar line scheduled for May of 2021, the community is accessible and convenient.

Business Opportunities

Tempe?s business and employment sectors are moving towards the future. Recently, the community has welcomed several major employers, including State Farm Insurance, who brought 6000 new jobs, with plans to add more. Freedom Financial arrived with 4000 new positions, and several banking institutions have also come to Tempe in recent years. The city is also home to several advanced manufacturing employers, biotechnology firms, and financial service companies. Further, ASU employs university faculty and staff.

Community Education Efforts

The City of Tempe is actively engaged in educational initiatives in the community. For instance, the Achieve 65 Program aims to have 65% of the workforce attain post-secondary certificates or degrees by 2030. There is also the Career Ready Tempe program. This initiative works with area high schools, ASU, and the Chamber of Commerce to provide paid internships to students to help them learn more about the workforce. These and other efforts and investments are attracting business interests and helping to retain younger workers. Additionally, ASU has been ranked the nation’s Most Innovative University for four years in a row by U.S. News & World Report. Graduates are now finding more and more employment opportunities within Tempe.

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