Which Home Improvements Will Pay Off During My Arizona Home Resale?

Which Home Improvements Will Pay Off During My Arizona Home Resale

When you become a homeowner, the list of possible improvements can seem endless. Should you update the 1990’s kitchen, add a deck and pool, or renovate your master bath? Home improvement projects can get expensive, and when you are thinking of resale down the road, it’s essential to choose wisely. Therefore, it’s vital to understand which home improvements will pay off during your Arizona home resale:

Updated Painting

A fresh coat of paint to your exterior and interior can make your home more marketable and brighten its features. Taking this step is one way to make your home look newer and more attractive to potential buyers. It also may not even be necessary to repaint your entire home. Touching up high-traffic interior areas and the front of a property may be all that is needed.

Deck Additions and Improvements

If you have an outdoor deck that needs repair, taking the time to address this and any other issues is a good idea. If the wood has faded, a new stain can make an older deck look almost new. If you are considering adding or extending a deck, this investment could increase your resale value. Buyers tend to look for outdoor entertainment features, and a spacious deck is an ideal place for outdoor dining and social events.

Kitchen Renovations

If you have room in your budget, kitchen renovations can be a valuable improvement and a significant selling point for some buyers. If possible, avoid ornate cabinets and monochromatic countertops. According to ConsumerReports.org, investing in stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops, new flooring, and freshly painted cabinets can be an economical way to create a modern and appealing kitchen.


With the scorching heat of the Arizona summer, many homeowners have opted for xeriscaping and other water-saving landscape designs. Buyers often like to see a home with thoughtful landscape features that complement the home and add curb appeal. Backyard shrubs and plants can also help create the ideal space for relaxing and spending time with family and friends.

Floor Plans and Flexible Spaces

Open floor plans are popular with homebuyers as well as finished attics and flexible spaces. Sometimes removing a wall can make an area feel more spacious and up-to-date. Finishing out a usable space can add functionality and be a positive selling point. Similarly, flex spaces allow buyers to visualize using an area for a home office or guest room or whatever else they need.

Smart Home Updates

Finally, if you have lived in your home for several years, you may not have smart features. While some upgrades may not be worth the investment, a standard addition such as a programmable thermostat can make your home seem more modern. Automated lighting can also be a nice feature for younger buyers who prefer to use their smartphones to control functions in the house.

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