What Should I Ask My Home Inspector?

What Should I Ask My Home Inspector?

Buying a home can be an exciting process, especially after you find the perfect property. After getting through the offer and acceptance phase, you will have a limited period to evaluate the residence and perform an inspection. Your home inspection can reveal major and minor issues with your potential real estate purchase, and it’s essential to have a firm understanding of what matters most. It’s also vital that you know the right questions to ask your home inspector before, during, and after the inspection is complete.? If you are considering buying an Arizona property, you will want to know: What Should I ask my home inspector?

Before the Inspection

The home inspection provides buyers with a comprehensive overview of the property, its condition, and any present or potential problems it may have in the future. Before the inspection, you should ask about the inspector?s certification. Arizona home inspectors are regulated by the Arizona Board of Technical Registration (BTR) and must be certified. You are going to want to ensure that the inspector has the proper qualifications.

Another question for the home inspection company or inspector is how much the inspection will cost. An inspection can cost anywhere from around $250 to $1000, depending on the company and property specifics. It’s also common for inspectors to charge by the square foot. Older properties or those with unusual features may cost more. Inspectors may also charge additional fees for sprinkler systems inspections as well as hot tubs and pool areas.

Before the inspection takes place, you will also want to ask what the process will entail. BTR certified inspectors perform a limited visual evaluation of the mechanical elements and structure of the home. This means the inspector will look for issues such as roof damage, termites, foundation issues, non-functioning appliances, heating, AC units, wall valves, and gutters. The inspection will not cover other unseen problems. You can hire other professionals to perform a more thorough and detailed evaluation of the home, however.

Lastly, you will want to ask what type of report the inspector plans to prepare. Some companies use a checklist with notes on issues in a home. Others provide a narrative-style report. Lists are easier to read, shorter, and often include photos. They are often prepared more quickly because they require less detailed writing and may cost less. A narrative report will involve more in-depth discussion and may also include pictures of the property. These reports take longer to prepare and may cost more, but they also have more information.

During the Inspection

The inspector will arrange a time with you and your real estate professional to perform the evaluation. If you choose to be there when the inspection takes place, the inspector may be able to point issues out to you. Typically, the buyer and their real estate agent will come at the end of the inspection so that the inspector can concentrate while performing the evaluation and provide complete information at the end. The inspector will provide a written report after the review. You can ask questions at that time about anything the inspector has indicated.

It may also be a good idea to ask how soon you can expect to see the report. Buyers usually have ten days to perform the inspection, and you want to know that you won’t lose much of that time waiting for an inspection report. Typically, inspection reports are provided within a day of the inspection.

After the Inspection

Upon receiving the inspection report, you and your real estate professional can review the information and prepare a list of questions for the inspector. Your real estate agent may be familiar with some remarks and may be able to explain them. Be sure to ask about anything you don’t understand or want more information about from the inspector. Your inspector should be able to answer your questions or get more details if needed.

Reports ordinarily recommend making improvements to keep a home current according to today’s requirements. Therefore, another question for the inspector is if the report recommendations align with current building standards and municipal codes.

If the inspector’s commentary regarding the home fails to mention how long certain housing material will last, you should follow up with them. For instance, you will need to know the age of the roofing materials and how soon you will be expected to replace the shingles. Inspectors should also be able to provide insight regarding a home’s ability to endure Arizona weather conditions and if any material will need to be replaced for that purpose.

These are just some of the questions you will want to ask your Arizona home inspector. By working with an experienced real estate professional during your transaction, you can develop questions that are specific to your property and inspection.

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