Client Testimonials

At the Law Office of Laura B. Bramnick, we not only offer Arizona real estate law and market expertise, but we also advocate for our clients, provide exemplary customer service, and deliver excellent results.

Here are some recent reviews from some of our clients.
Thanks very much for your prompt early review and advice.

It helped keep things on track. The whole thing took less than two months and we got the listing price, less about 3% for some necessary repairs.

You may or may not remember but you also sent us to the firm that now handles our estate. We have been quite happy with them. Lucky for us to have found you!

George M

I am very thankful that Laura was recommended to me. I had talked to 4 lawyers before I was referred to Laura.

Laura actually listened to my situation and made things happen. She kept me in the know at all times. I would still be at wits end dealing with the solar company if it had not been for Laura. She is very knowledgeable and takes action. Thank you again for everything, I can now get Dad into a home back in MN and have the money to pay for his care because I was able to get the AZ house sold.

Karla T

You do great work and are very efficient.

Thanks so much for taken care of all this. It?s been a 10 year weight lifted off our shoulders. I just can?t believe it?s over. My credit has already shot up to the 700?s thank god.

Julie K.

Thank you, Laura.

We really appreciate your kindness in responding so quickly and providing the information. Your consideration is a rare commodity in today’s cutthroat legal marketplace.

Brooks B.

I don’t think our phone conversation reflected just how happy we are about this result.

This has been a nagging burden on us for years. Consider this letter the email equivalent of carrying you around on our shoulders and exclaiming hip-hip-hooray rather loudly amidst a shower of champagne and confetti.

Thanks again for all your help. Will recommend you to all who ask and will happily use your services in future if you’ll have us.

James B.

Ms. Bramnick is extremely knowledgeable and very professional.

She was quick to responses to urgent matters, which made me feel important and I knew instantly I had made the right decision by hiring her.

Ms. Bramnick gave great advice and was the perfect advocate for my situation.


Your guidance and knowledge make an incredible difference in people?s lives.

I can tell you I feel like I hit the lottery by choosing the two of you to seek assistance.

Ray W.

I wanted to say thank you so much to you and Laura.

This was such a positive experience working with the two of you and I really, really appreciate what you both did to help me.

Making the decision to default on my loan has been the most difficult decision I have ever made and if I had not called Laura I would still be in a position of being lost in what to do.

Being provided with the facts of my options and the fact that you both were kind and caring made all the difference in the world.

I know you both do this every day but I wanted you to know that your guidance and knowledge makes an incredible difference in people?s lives. I can tell you I feel like I hit the lottery by choosing the two of you to seek assistance. ?If you can tell me where to write reviews that would benefit the most I will write a very positive review. ?I really admire and appreciate what Laura and you did to help me.

Ray W.

The scale of one to ten is not adequate to value your service and competence.

Thank you for keeping us in the loop.? For the first time in weeks Larry?s mother is able to sleep well at night.

Judy H.

My sincere thanks to you and Melissa for the excellent work you did on my behalf.

I?m sure you understand how relieved I am to have this behind me. As for the future ? only very careful investment planning in my future!

Sharyn S.


I?m so grateful you can handle all of this (I know I can?t) and I?m SO happy that you are representing me.

Sandy N.

The Gleasons are singing your praises.

Yvonne is hard to win over but once you?ve done it she will be a client and ongoing referral source for life!!!? I look forward to working with you both in 2014!

Sandy L.

You are the best and most transparent of the five attorneys I have dealt with, I really appreciate what you have been doing.

Trust me ? you are on the top of my list for referrals.

Tom H.