Flagstaff Will Soon be the Home of an Electric Vehicle Parts Maker

Flagstaff Will Soon be the Home of an Electric Vehicle Parts Maker

Recently, electric-vehicle manufacturers have been making Arizona headlines. Last year, Tesla made news when a story broke that its founder Elon Musk was considering moving its manufacturing operations out of California. In May, a Pinal County landowner proposed Arizona as a possible new site for Tesla?s next facility. Pinal County is already the manufacturing home of one of Tesla’s main competitors, Lucid Motors. Earlier this year, Lucid announced that it had completed phase one of its development in Casa Grande, Arizona. Additionally, electric truck manufacturer Nikola Motor is reportedly building a factory in nearby Coolidge. Now, approximately two hundred miles north of Lucid’s and Nikola?s operations, Flagstaff will soon be the home of an electric vehicle parts maker.

UACJ Automotive Whitehall Industries in Flagstaff

According to a recent report, electric-vehicle parts manufacturer UACJ Automotive Whitehall Industries is one the leading suppliers of ?precision extruded aluminum automotive components and assemblies.? The Michigan-based company produces various electric vehicle part products, including sunroofs, battery housings, and bumper assemblies. UACJ Whitehall is a component of UACJ Corp., a Japanese aluminum corporation that manufactures auto body materials, aviation parts, aluminum cans, motorcycle frames, and other products.

UACJ plans to open a manufacturing facility in Flagstaff, Arizona. The new location will be at the site of a former Walgreens distribution center. The company plans to retrofit part of the existing Walgreens structure for its new plant.

According to a recent report, UACJ?s new facility will bring more than 100 jobs to the community. Gail Jackson, president and CEO of the Economic Collaborative of Northern Arizona opined that the company?s presence could bring 120 higher wage positions to northern Arizona over the next year and 350 within five years. Jackson also stated that ?UACJ Whitehall plans to invest as much as $60 million here? and that the facility?s average wage could be sixty percent higher than Coconino County’s average per capita income.

UACJ Whitehall company president and COO David Cooper related that the UACJ selected Flagstaff because of its location and proximity to its electric-vehicle customers. Cooper stated that ?Northern Arizona makes sense for us because of location, ease of transportation and an already well-established manufacturing sector within the community.? He also commented that the company looks forward to ?partnering with North Arizona University as our processes are highly automated and technical.? UACJ anticipates that hiring and operations will begin in April 2021.

Arizona and Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

With two major electric vehicle factories in development in Pinal County and a 41,000-square-foot Tesla service and delivery facility center already operating in Scottsdale Airpark, UACJ?s products are likely to be in high demand.

In a recent press release, Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) president and CEO Sandra Watson commented that the addition of UACJ is anticipated to ?further bolster Arizona?s reputation as a global hub for electric vehicle manufacturing.? According to a recent article, Governor Doug Ducey also commented that UACJ’s announcement about the Flagstaff plant signifies that the electric vehicle industry is booming in the Grand Canyon State.

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