There is a New Development Coming to Maryvale

There is a New Development Coming to Maryvale

The West Phoenix village of Maryvale will soon be the site of a major multifamily project. The Maryvale Village Planning Committee recently voted to approve a zoning variance that will allow a Minnesota-based builder to begin plans for a new community living project near Desert Sky Mall. Here is more on this new development coming to Maryvale:

The 79th Avenue and Encanto PUD

Minnesota-based apartment developer Dominium is planning to build a nearly 600-unit apartment structure near Desert Sky Mall. The location of the site will be northeast of 79th Avenue and Encanto Boulevard. The project doesn’t have a name yet. For the time being, it is being referred to as the 79th Avenue and Encanto PUD (Planned Unit Development). The title references the variance that will change the zoning on the 28.26-acre site from Intermediate Commercial (C-2) to Planned Unit Development (PUD).

The area, which has numerous retail stores and shopping centers, is under consideration to be rezoned to multifamily residential and senior living communities. With the approval of the zoning request, Dominium can move forward with its plans to build and manage affordable housing in the Maryvale community.

Dominium plans to build 372 family-oriented units and 204 senior living units. Both properties will have gated communities. The family-oriented properties will come in one, two, and three-bedroom units and will be priced at $876, $1,051, and $1,214. According to a recent report, the properties would be under Dominium?s ownership ?for at least 15 years, 30 years being the most.?

The 79th Avenue project will be considered in conjunction with the Maryvale Village Core Plan’s long-term goals. The Village Core Plan contemplates the installation of a light rail along 79th Avenue. According to a recent report, the current rezoning request conforms to the village’s current infrastructure plans.

The 79th Avenue project reportedly has the support of the City of Phoenix Housing Department, the Arizona Housing Coalition, and the owner of the Desert Sky Mall. Although there have been community outreach efforts, there has not been any community feedback on the proposed development.

The Maryvale Planning Committee voted to recommend approval of the project, with a 9:1 vote. The opposing committee member was Viridiana Hernandez, vice-chair of the committee. Ms. Hernandez related that this type of community development seems positive. However, she still has concerns regarding the lack of community feedback and uncompleted traffic studies. Hernandez reportedly thanked the Dominium development team for their work and also commented, “But at the same time, let’s do this right so that the standards after you all are high. So how do we set standards that are what our communities deserve for future developments in what ends up being the core plan? So that’s how I look at this.”

Other members of the committee showed support for the project. Committee member Ken Dubose commented, ?We in Maryvale have been asking for a project like this for a long time. I think the development and narrative is very well put together, and we should embrace this and appreciate that finally we have some affordable housing and senior living coming in. This is what we?ve been asking for.?

The Maryvale Planning Committee was scheduled to return for further discussion and consideration of the rezoning request for the 79th Street and Encanto PUD plan to allow multifamily residential and senior living communities and for a final vote on March 4.

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